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An Accommodating Work Environment

Vertex Facility Services as a facility manager will create an accommodating work environment for employees. This serves many broader goals, including attracting and retaining top talent, improving efficiency and productivity, and creating a positive workplace culture. Facility managers provide employee support in many ways. The Facility manager serve as a bridge between the workplace and the employees working within it. Whenever issues of accommodation, safety, or comfort arise, it’s up to the facility manager to solve them. Vertex Facility Services management and or maintenance team will maintain and oversee a commercial company’s grounds, buildings and equipment to ensure that a workspace is safe and functional. Their duties include negotiating contracts with service providers, inspecting facilities to meet safety regulations and coordinating renovations and updates. The Vertex Facility Services division is committed to managing a Facility in the most effective and efficient manner while maintaining a line of communication with all clients 24/7.

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